As a photographer the reality is taking photos is a small part of my job. As a business owner there are many other things I have to consider when designing sessions and running the day to day business, most far less interesting and enjoyable than taking pretty photos. I see others take short cuts that save money and make things quicker but at what cost when we are talking about the safety of the most important people in your life, and your hard earned money being spent? Please do take a moment to read this page before selecting your family photographer.

Baby Safety

When it comes to babies, these very fragile humans are far too precious to risk their safety in any way. I have photographed families for five years, yet each and every year I undergo training in not just creative skills like lighting and posing babies but also baby safety. Did you know a newborn baby when left unattended has the ability to ‘spring’ from their static position and get seriously hurt? It is so important to ensure no creative idea, distraction from a roaming sibling or lack of understanding about a babies needs puts your baby wellbeing at risk. I often hear, “Photographing a sleeping newborn photo is the easy work right?” Wrong! The ability to soothe a baby and pose swiftly and smoothly is crucial to newborn photo sessions. A lack of muscle density and soft bones means newborns are unable to support their head and it’s very easy to damage a limb with bad handling. Often people don’t realise many newborn photos are a combination of one or more images stitched together digitally, or a parents hand is used to support the baby’s weight to avoid straining their little bodies. Another trick, as shown in the above example is what appears to be a newborn baby held in the air in the Mum’s hands when in fact the baby is fast asleep flat on a beanbag – magic!

Studio Safety

With toddlers and other little people in mind the photo studio rooms have been designed with no unnecessary cables or valuable equipment at child level, the front door has a double lock ensuring children cannot wander off without their parents and even plastic lidded cups are available for drinks to avoid spillages. Thinking ahead saves tears later.

From the click of the camera to wall print

You may often hear photographers referring to the ‘raw’ files from their cameras and if you ever wondered what this is it is exactly what it sounds like, a basic high resolution file with all blemishes shown in their glory. The ‘dark art’ of the magic of the Photoshop editing software allows me to tweak these raw images to ensure the colours in your photo are punchy and the image is pin sharp. It’s a fact of life that everyone from newborns to adults has untimely blemishes that we would prefer not to see enlarged on a large wall print. To ensure the finished images on your wall show you at your best shiny skin, snotty noses and bruised legs on children and more are all hand edited and removed from your photos through the magic of Photoshop. Unfortunately the ‘make me a size 8’ button, or ‘delete a double chin’ function are yet to be implemented, sorry!

Professional Memberships and Insurance


For your peace of mind, I am a member of several of the largest UK photography associations. Through these memberships I am kept up to date with new legislations and laws, as well as informed of latest trends in the industry. This gives me access to new and exciting products, inspires me to provide cutting edge new ideas and styles from around the world, whilst regular assessments ensure I maintain a high quality level in all client work.

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