Pets are bundles of love wrapped in fur

Pet photo sessions allow you to capture the beauty and character of your furry friend in a timeless portrait for your home. Whether you have a tiny kitten or puppy you want to get cute photos of, a full grown dog, or maybe even your rabbit or guinea pig, pet sessions are open to most animals that fit through the studio doors – no snakes though, sorry! My hands would be shaking so much that I’m not sure you’d get a good picture!

Before Your Session

1. Check the diary for the dates of my next pet photo sessions. Due to my work with children I do limit the dates for pet sessions, though exceptions can be made where required.

Pug white background
Brown haired dog

2. Tell me lots about your pet and how you see them. The more I know the more I can prepare for their arrival.

3. Lets plan where you want to put the finished photos in your home and we can start styling the background and props for your shoot to match

Golden retriever

During Your Session

1. Directly outside the studio there is space for you car as well as a grassy area to allow our canine friends to relieve themselves before the session.

Dog with toy
Cute Grumpy dog

2. Pets sessions are short at 30 minutes, but still allow plenty of time for active and posed photos using any of the prop sets or backgrounds of your choice.

3. Don’t panic. The Enchanted Photography studio has been designed with a wipe clean, flush appearance so should the worst happen, it can easily be wiped up and steam cleaned for freshness.

Cute Dog

After Your Session

Between your photo shoot and viewing session, your pets images are retouched, just like I do for any other session. Colourings on pets are accentuated, slobber removed and white floors made perfectly white.

Once editing is completed, you will be invited to return to the studio to view your photos cinema style in our viewing room with a 60in TV to see each image at a resolution equivalent to the finished products.

The room has been designed with two big leather sofas and a fireplace to give it a homely feel, and to help you visualise your own images in the samples on display.

Our focus is on providing you with photos for the walls of your home and not just a small photo for a sideboard or a CD that will join the ‘to do list’ so we have a large selection of samples of wall products for you to see and help you decide.

Dogs in photoframes