The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing

With the recent explosion of the digital camera market, and even smart phones that take amazing photos, everyone is now a photographer. So why should you go with a pro and book a studio photo shoot for your family?

The Enchanted Photography studio is a home from home setting offering both a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere alongside all the high tech equipment you would expect, creating the perfect environment to take your family photograph and get the best final result. With five years experience of photographing families I have a fair few tricks too to get those photos that make you say wow!

Before Your Session

1. Lets talk about creating fantastic photos for the walls of your home so we can start styling your shoot to match the personality and interior colours of your property

Mum with son
Family in onesies

2. Clothing and props really alter how a photo looks. Whether you prefer classic fashions or fun styles incorporating the childrens hobbies I can provide advice on what to bring to your session

3. If you are bringing young children, it’s a good idea to work out a time when they tend to be at their best. Ideally we don’t want them to be tired or hungry if we’re going to try to have fun with them.

Mum with daughter

During Your Session

1. Your photoshoot will last one hour. After this time children will become restless and we want to capture them at their best so I will not keep them any longer than they want to be here.

Brother and little brother
Family reading together

2. A large make up/changing room is provided for outfit changes and to check your hair and make up. We will have time for up to three outfit changes during your session.

3. From running around the huge white photo area to something little more relaxed or edgy on one of the coloured studio walls there is plenty of time to get some variety in your images. A large selection of props are also available to encourage children’s natural character to come out.

Baby holding mums hand

After Your Session

What happens after the shoot is a mystery to many so let me tell you more. Between your photo shoot and viewing session, each and every image is hand edited to remove blemishes and to make the colours of your photos look perfect.

You will then return to the studio to view your family’s photos cinema style in our viewing room with a 60in TV to see each image at a resolution equivalent to the finished products.

The room has been designed with two big leather sofas and a fireplace to give it a homely feel, and to help you visualise your own images in the samples on display.

Our focus is on providing you with photos for the walls of your home and not just a small photo for a sideboard or a CD that will join the ‘to do list’ so we have a large selection of samples of wall products for you to see and help you decide.

Family Picture