“What is captured in a photo is captured forever, long after time has passed.”


I am Gemma and like many, photography was a hobby for me until five years ago when I was able to open my first photography studio and offer a high quality, affordable studio facility to families in Kent.


I believe every child is unique…

Kid on ball

I love a classic portrait, but I often feel children are at their most natural when allowed express themselves through movement and play.

At my photo sessions I love to get down on a level with children and capture real character and raw emotions from a shy smile to a wide mouthed laugh, some playful behaviour between siblings or a tender moment between a parent and their child.

I have a secret…

I am a prop addict! I have huge amounts of baskets, hats, headbands, first birthday outfits, tutus, inflatable guitars, colourful sit on dice, stacking cups, footballs and more, all available to be used during your session.

Birthday Props
Hello from Me Lower Image

I think babies are the most precious things…

Even after photographing many hundreds of babies, the chance to cuddle a little one and get to capture their newness is a privilege. I watch in awe how the first year of life creates such huge changes for the babies I photograph with each milestone offering yet another gift in their development.

I love my second home…

For me studio photography has always been the best way for families to have photos taken. My latest studio is something I dreamt about for a long time, a ‘home from home’ setting ensures both children and parents feel relaxed, in a multi functional environment perfectly suited to getting great photos.

Baby room chair

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Come say hi

If you would like me to freeze a little piece of time for your family, please get in touch, I’d love to meet you.

I love to have a natter, drink coffee and eat biscuits while I get to know my clients so give me a call and lets arrange a time for you to pop in and chat about your family with no obligation to book.

Let’s Have A Chat

01622 828320